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Past Festivals

Oh Hi, Johnny - by Alex Syiek and Bryan Jager

An Artist and the Ember - by Evan Cullinan

My Dear Watson  - by Jami-Leigh Bartschi

Unison  - by Adina Kruskal

The Incredible Six Thousand-Foot Ladder to Heaven- by Ryan Martin

Cancerman- by J. Linn Allen

Moonshiner  - by Barton Keubler

Lucky - by Sarah Frasco and Gabriella Hirsch

Brooke Astor's Last Affair - by Rachel Migler and Eric Grunin



The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe - by Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi

The Butcher's Son - by Vi Nhan H. Tran

Grindr: The Opera  - by Erik Ransom

Iron Irene: A Musical Fable  - by Liz Faulstreau and Ashley Flanagan

Liberators: An American Musical - by Eric C Jones, Alex Winkler and Bradley Whyte

Musical Therapy  - by Joey Katsiroubas and Dan Hass

"TRU"  - by David Gosz and Leo Fotos


Daphne's Sunset - by Kevin Jaeger and Alex Mitchell

Flight - by Michael Potsic

Planted - by Jeff Bouthiette, Rebekah Walendzak and Christopher Pazdernik

Tribulation: The Musical  - by Molly Miller and Brad Kemp

That Lovin' Feelin'- by James A. Zimmerman and J. Michael Roy

My Life is a Country Song  - by Anthony Whitaker

Pen  - by Leo Schwartz and DC Cathro

Gefilte Fish Chronicles - by Iris Burnett and Matty Selman

Stalker: The Musical - by David Russel, Alex Giles and Andy Peterson

Will the Circle - by L.C. Bernadine and Kevin Welch

The Transcivility of Albert Cashier - by Jay Paul Deratany and Joe Stevens


Dirty Girl - by Anthony Whitaker

Fanatical - by Reina Hardy and Matt Board

Marble, GA  - by Pamela Maurer and the Duplicty Ensemble

Nine Lives - by Michael Gibson and Dewayne Perkins

One Thousand Words - by Michael Braud and Curran Lattas

Passing By  - by Patrick Thompson

Seagulls - by Beth Hyland

Girl versus Corinth - by Danny Baird

How to Run for Mayor - by Gilbert Tanner and Aaron Aptaker

Slide (Part 1) - by Kalena Victoria Chevalier, Steve Clark, and Ed Plough


I Have Been to the Wild Wood - by the Duplicity Ensemble

Starting with my Voice- by Audra Sergel

Anthem - by Rachel Payne, Adele Dodds Powers and Zak Sandler

Reasonable Terms - by Joan Mazzonelli, Marianne Kallen, and Karena Mendoz

Luigi's Ladies - by John Uth

Just Like Horses - by J. Christopher Blackwell

Mr. Munch has a Murmur - by L.C. Bernadine and Erik Olson

Uncle Em's Traveling Hootenanny presents... - by T. Paul Lowry

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