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Billy and the Potato Powered Time Machine

Story and Lyrics by Lawrence Adelson and Keith Gatchel

Music by Nicholas Davio and Chauncey Alexander Davis-Mauney


Two kids, Billy and Jamie, have been taken by their mom to live at their grandmother’s house while she starts a divorce with their dad. In the basement, they discover a time machine powered by potatoes. Billy uses it to make honor roll and defeat the school bully. But, when things go wrong, Billy and his mother, need to try and find a better way to change the future in this rock and roll fairy tale for young adults.


5451 N Broadway Ave

February 6 at 8 pm

February 8 at 3 pm

February 12 at 8 pm

February 17 at 8 pm

February 23 at 3 pm 


Creative Team

Lawrence Adelson (story and lyrics)

Keith Gatchel (story and lyrics)

Chauncey Alexander Davis-Mauney (music)

Nicholas Davio (music)

Allison Heinz (Director)


Luke Halpern (Homeless Person)

Trenton Johnson(Steve, male u/s)

Jack William Rodgers (Matt)

Elijah Warfield (Billy)

Esther Fishbein (Jenny)

Lara Carling (Ann)

Raya Plata (female u/s)

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