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2 FREE readings!

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In addition to our 8 fully-staged productions, CMTF is hosting two readings during the festival. Reservations are now open!

Monday, February 10 at 8 pm

The Edge Off Broadway

Is You Is
Story by L.C. Bernadine

Research Consultation by Kerry Cochrane
Book and Lyrics by L.C. Bernadine
Music by Erik Olsen

A jazz driven musical called IS YOU IS, about a public school bath attendant in a West side school, desperate to be a teacher in a 1933 Chicago caught under the weight of the Depression and under the spell
of the newly-opened exhibition “The Races of Mankind,” the mesmerizing but “scientifically indefensible” Field Museum blockbuster which fed false notions of race to millions.


Monday, February 17 at 8 pm

The Edge Off Broadway


Words by Alex Higgin-Houser

Music by Lucy O’Brien

Roll for initiative! In a basement in the middle of the country, four friends and one mysterious newcomer join forces to play an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons. Adventurers! brings us inside the game as the party sets off on a quest for revenge, musically bringing to life the spells, creatures, and thrilling encounters of the most popular role-playing game of all time. Like the game, fate plays a major role in every performance of Adventurers: live dice-rolls determine the course of events, so that nobody, including the performers, knows how the evening will end. 

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