Performing at The Edge Theater

Broadway: 5451 N Broadway St

Off Broadway: 1133 W Catalpa Ave

Chicago, IL

February 2020


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Wonder Women

Double Vision


5451 N Broadway Ave

WONDER WOMEN THE MUSICAL is an inspiring Golden Age-style musical comedy that tells the true story of the birth of the 1941 classic comic book character, Wonder Woman ® 

DOUBLE VISION is an original sci-fi comedy musical about science (well, sort of), discovery (okay, kind of), relationships (in more ways than one), and the power of seeking something new.

Moby Dick--A Musical

The story of MOBY DICK is a headlong race into the jaws of death.

Paper Swords

PAPER SWORDS is a romantic comedy musical, focusing on two groups of live action role-players (LARPers) as they navigate adolescence. 

Billy and the Potato Powered Time Machine

When things go wrong, Billy and his mother need to try and find a better way to change the future in this rock and roll fairy tale for young adults.


1133 N Catalpa Ave 


Baked! The Musical

Baked! The Musical is a reflection on perfectionism, self worth, and the question of what we owe the people we love.

During the course of a weight loss contest and a rigged game of Truth or Dare, five women have the opportunity to come clean and test her own capacity for friendship.


Adira is a musical satire that tells the story of one princess who must rescue her kingdom.

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